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You may be eligible for FREE CDL training using WIOA Program

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About Training

Sure, you may have a $70,000 a year salary but how much do you actually get to keep after taxes? Driving a truck enables you to keep more of your earnings compared to most other occupations due to incredible tax breaks for CDL Drivers. CDL truck drivers can deduct almost anything and everything they purchase because it is all work related. Some items included in the list for truck drivers: Laptop computers, internet service, satellite radio and subscription, cell phones and bills, all toiletries and cleaning products, uniforms and boots, tools, topped off with a $52 dollar a day per diem for meals.

CDL Programs​

With the demand for truck drivers at its all-time high, trucking companies are offering new employees higher starting salaries and improved benefits packages, our graduates can expect the following:

According to the American Trucking Association. 
“The need for qualified truck drivers continues to exceed supply, so employment opportunities are greater than ever. Health & dental insurance, 401(k) retirement plans as well as paid vacation, family benefits and flexible schedule. These are the benefits companies offer to they drivers. Starting salary as high as $750 per week (the average driver earns $40,000+ per year)”.

Meet the Crew

The list of tax breaks for CDL A Jobs goes on and on. Put it all together at tax time and a truck driver with a CDL keeps almost every penny he earns. This gives a truck driver with a commercial drivers license more buying and investing power over a job with a similar gross income. It’s not how much you make that counts, it’s how much you actually keep that is important. CDL Truck drivers keep more! 

About Mid-City Truck Driving Academy​


There are plenty of CDL training schools available for reasonable prices. I would advise you investigate exactly what type of trucking job would fit you best and gather as much information as possible before getting your CDL. Your goal should be to get the highest paid CDL Career Job in the fastest time possible! 


WIOA Programs


You may qualify if:

  • Currently, laid off

  • You are low income

  • Receiving food stamps

  • You are released from incarceration

Those programs provide training for people who have been laid off, changing career paths or pursuing to upgrade their skills to secure a new job. The Act ensures that dislocated and displaced workers, who lost their employment through no fault of their own are able to find new job placement. Please contact us about WIOA program. Our administration will assist You with all the necessary steps that need to be taken. WIOA funding covers truck driving school tuition.

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